The following strategies are very basic, but over time make money. Some of these go back decades, and each one demands a different type of trading psychology. As with any system, we highly recommend that you test them out in demo mode before committing any real money to them. After all, if you aren't comfortable with the trading action, you will struggle.

Impulse System

So it doesn’t get much more simple than this system. It is literally based on a pick up in momentum or an impulsive candle. I use the Bollinger Bands to determine when we are getting ‘too tight’ with volatility, and then take a trade based upon a sudden impulsive move. While this is simplistic, it […]

50 Fib System

The ’50’ Fib System The ’50 Fib System’ is very basic, but reliable if used properly. The premise is that the market tends to form support or resistance at 50% pullbacks, as can be demonstrated time and time again. The system is based upon a continuation of an initial move, which is common as well, […]

Peaks and Valleys

The ‘Peaks and Valleys’ Strategy is basic trading at it’s finest. This very simple strategy can be noisy, but in the end – the longer-term runs that you can take advantage of will more than make up for the smaller losses. The basic premise of the system is that you need a trending market. The […]

3 Candle Method

The 3 Candle Method is a simple method for trading a currency pair. The method is simple: You are looking for 3 candles in a row that are moving in the same direction. In other words, you are looking for 3 consecutive bullish or bearish candles for a trade. There are about a million different […]

Crossover Systems

Crossover Systems Crossover systems are by far the simplest systems out there. They provide a basis for several other systems and have been around for decades. The premise is that you will be following a change in the overall momentum of the markets. If the momentum to go higher gains, then you will be looking to […]

Hurdle System

The “Hurdle” System The ‘Hurdle’ System is named as such because it is based upon the market offering hurdles for the trend to hop over. When a hurdler goes down the track, they have to clear a series of obstacles that allow them to continue. In that sense, the system functions much like that premise. […]